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As a JavaScript Engineer you will be the Scrum Development Team member that implements the Product features that deliver incremental value to our users as well as a contributor to the Hindawi Software Development infrastructure.

You will be accountable (together with your fellow Scrum Team members) for delivering according to sprint commitments.

Cultural fit expectations

We believe in creating a positive culture for all employees, and as Hindawi grows its office in Iasi time and care will need to be invested into nurturing the right team culture. Culture actively goes hand in hand with how we make decisions, how we manage people, how we define performance, and how we hire and compensate people; we want to be a company where employees enjoying coming into work, are excited and fulfilled by the work they do, a company where employees care about Hindawi and about each other.


We tend towards a Clan culture, as per the Competing Values Framework. We are looking for people that perform in this cultural setting.


Competency fit expectations

Proven experience working with:

  • JavaScript. React. Node.
  • HTML. CSS.
  • State management libraries (Ex: Apollo, Redux).
  • REST. GraphQL.
  • Data structure libraries (Ex: Immutable.js)
  • Software Craftsmanship Practices (Ex: Unit Testing, Code Reviews, Pair Programming).
  • Agile Software Development.

Application form

We have developed a strong clan culture built on loyalty, mutual trust, and commitment to innovation and development.

Our greatest motivation stems from the desire to see the impact of our work and in that sense we are neither limited by, nor empowered by our job descriptions.

We believe that our relationships - how we authentically connect with each other both internally and externally - are pivotal to achieving our goals.