HINDAWI in iasi

The Hindawi office in Iasi is Hindawi’s tech home; Hindawi is one of the world’s largest publishers of peer-reviewed, fully open access journals based in London. Established in 2019 but building upon a long history in the scholarly publishing industry.


Open Source

Journals can move freely between publishers, while retaining their submission system and editorial workflow.

Open Data

Papers migrate easily between systems, keeping switching costs down.

Open integrations

External systems can harvest those papers and use metadata about the papers to provide value-added services.

Open contracts

Through open contracts, we avoid unnecessary secrecy, long commitments, or termination fees that create unhappy marriages.


“Being part of a community encourages convention over configuration.”

Andrew Smeall

Chief Digital Officer, Hindawi Limited

In September 2018, we released Phenom Review, a submission and peer review system that has been built using an open-source framework.


Phenom Review was developed as part of our collaboration with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) and was the first step toward a network of open publishing infrastructure that we, Coko, and other like-minded organizations are developing and plan to share with the research community.


This new platform is the product of revolutionary levels of collaboration between publishers working within the Coko community. We’ve shared not only development resources but also a collective vision for how the publishing experience can be improved for researchers.