Be part of Hindawi’s mission and contribute to the efforts of researchers around the globe to help solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

Who we are

Hindawi Limited is one of the world’s largest open access publishers of peer reviewed academic research. Articles written by experts are reviewed by several other experts in the field before being published in our journals, ensuring high quality standards.

What we do

Driven by a mission to advance openness in research, we work with other publishers and institutions to move towards a more open scholarly ecosystem by supporting the development of open source publishing infrastructure. All the articles we publish are freely available online to researchers, students, practitioners, and the general public, without any barriers to access or reuse. This dissemination of information enables researchers to achieve more through collaboration than they ever could working alone.

We’re coming to Iasi following a close collaboration with Thinslices

Our successful collaboration with Thinslices - a full-service product development agency located in Iasi - was a key factor in choosing the city as base for our software development projects. Thinslices’ mission is to turn Iasi into a major technology hub by attracting 50 product development companies over the next 10 years. We’re happy to contribute to that mission.


What is special about what Hindawi brings to Iasi?

Meaningful work purpose

As part of the Hindawi Iasi team, you are at the forefront of an ongoing transformation within the scholarly communications space. Your work helps drive greater openness in research by enabling researchers around the globe disseminate their findings on the one hand and access extensive, in-depth research on the other. As we firmly believe here at Hindawi, science works best when research is open.

Software craftsmanship in a Product organization

As a software development professional working with Hindawi, you will be part of a diverse group of research organizations brought together by the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko). Working as part of this community of organizations who share a vision for open infrastructure, you will get the chance to build a software Product Suite that satisfies a larger audience while further developing your technical skills.

Empowering authentic individuals

Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who provide the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and skills that are needed to take on the ambitious challenges ahead of us. We have created a workplace where team members are encouraged to be themselves and think outside the box, as well as a company culture that challenges everyone to reach their full potential. Creativity and teamwork are essential to achieving our goals.

Clan culture

We have developed a strong clan culture built on loyalty, mutual trust, and commitment to innovation and development. Our greatest motivation stems from the desire to see the impact of our work and in that sense we are neither limited by, nor empowered by our job descriptions. We believe that our relationships - how we authentically connect with each other both internally and externally - are pivotal to achieving our goals.


We are committed to serving the research community by pushing for greater openness in research outputs and scholarly infrastructure. Our four principles of openness - open source, open data, open integrations, and open contracts - guide our technology choices.

As evangelists of open science and open source software craftsmanship, inside and outside our organization, we support open source projects wherever we can and develop openly as part of the wider science and technology community.

Are you searching for meaningful purpose in your work?

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Are you searching for meaningful purpose in your work?

Come meet us at the official launch on June 28 at Muzeul Unirii. Dress as if you were meeting the mayor because you will ;)

Or reach out to us directly by email at [email protected].